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Additional Technics Sales & Services, Inc. or AddTech Sales has been proudly bridging the gap between Philippines' food and pharmaceutical manufacturers and the global packaging technology leaders since 2003. What differentiates us is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, honest service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

Corporate Mission, Vision and Values

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Corporate Mission

Bridging the gap between local industries and latest global technology

To competently manage communication between our clients and the OEMs we represent, we ensure a clear and comprehensive understanding of our client's requirements and the solutions offered by our foreign OEM partners. 

Ensuring industry presence through the skilled and professional promotion of our principals' products to the correct market. 

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Corporate Vision

Keeping a Good Name in the Industry

We are proficiently supporting the technology transferred to our clients with qualified after-sales services.

We want all of our customers to experience an impressive level of professionalism when working with AddTech Sales. Our services, especially as OEM representatives, exist to make your life easier and less stressful. You can trust us to help you find the best & most cost-effective solution for your processing and packaging equipment needs. Our contacts and experience are dense.

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Corporate Values

Honesty and Creativity - Our Priority

AddTech Sales & Services, Inc. believes that the shortest path to complete understanding between our customers and principals is honesty. In all aspects and at whatever costs, we hold on to the adage that "honesty is the best policy." Combined with our technical capability, this ensures that our clients know what they exactly need and that our principals meet those needs accurately. A satisfied customer and a fulfilled principal, spawn a mutually profitable business relationship.
We also believe that innovation and creativity help determine the eventual and enduring success of a company. AddTech is committed to establishing an environment and relationship that is conducive to creative learning and mutual growth for its employees, business partners, and customers. We will continue to find innovative solutions and services to offer to our customers.



Additional Technics
Sales & Services, Inc.
Tech Sales)

Who We Are

Additional Technics Sales & Services, Inc. was duly registered as a trading company on March  24, 2003, at the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission. "AddTech Sales" is its short name in the industry.

AddTech Sales is the Philippines agent for various OEMs of food processing, inspection, and packaging equipment. Foremost of which is SYNTEGON Processing and Packaging Technology, one of the most prominent international players in the food, confectionery, and pharmaceutical processing and packaging industries.


Food and Pharmaceutical Processing, Packaging, and Inspection Equipment

Syntegon Technology GmbH (

     - Complete Process and Packaging Systems for Liquid and Solids Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

- Complete Packaging Systems and Stand-alone Equipment for Food

Syntegon Technology is a leading global process and packaging technology provider. Formerly the packaging division of the Bosch Group, the company, headquartered in Waiblingen (Germany), offers complete solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industry for over 50 years. With more than 6,100 employees at 30 locations in more than 15 countries, its total revenue were 1.3 billion euros in 2019. Syntegon’s portfolio of intelligent and sustainable technologies includes stand-alone machines, systems and services. 

Cassel Messtechniks GmbH (

   - Metal Dectectors, X-rays, Checkweighers

Thermolab Scientific Equipment (

     - Walk-in Stability Chambers, Photostability Chambers, BOD Incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, Precision Oven

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